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Ercolina’s affordable tube benders and fabricating machines are designed to reliably and accurately produce your bending applications. As a result, our machines will increase profit, as well as, improve product quality and finish.

CML USA, Inc. has experienced sales, service and support staff that can offer positive application solutions for today’s metal fabricator. CML USA, Inc. markets and services Ercolina metal tube or pipe bending machines throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America.


CML USA, Inc. consistently leads our field providing quality metal fabricating equipment to commercial and professional metal fabricators in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. Our product line includes tube bending machines, pipe benders, mandrel benders, rotary draw benders, angle rolls, pipe notchers, ornamental metal working machinery and much more. Ercolina is recognized world wide as one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of pipe benders and metal fabricating machines in the world.

As an organization, CML USA, Inc. takes pride in having friendly, knowledgeable sales and customer service staff ready to assist your project needs. Our network of knowledgeable dealers in the metal fabricating industry offers local sales and support. Our goal is to provide high quality fabrication machines at reasonable pricing with profitable solutions for your bending and fabricating needs.


Develop successful long term relationships with our dealers and product owners. Constantly seeking to innovate and improve our product offerings, customer service and business methods. Continue to lead the market with product innovation, and sales of tube bending machinery. Develop beneficial Ercolina product information and lead new markets for our growth products.

We are committed to offering our customers the best product and service available while exploiting cheap imitators of Ercolina product, importers of inferior equipment, suppliers with poor product knowledge, and quick sale importers without service and customer support staff competition.

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